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Update Time 2018-09-14
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NamePaper Cutters
MaterialTungsten carbide
TypeWear parts
GradeYG8 YN8 YG6X...
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     The paper cutter blade is the core component of the paper cutter. If there is no paper cutter blade, it is not called a paper cutter. There are many types: printing, cutting, slotting, nothing more than cutting and cutting. And trimming for the purpose.
Paper cutters are divided into: manual paper cutters, electric paper cutters, hydraulic paper cutters, automatic paper cutters, CNC paper cutters, program-controlled paper cutters, computer paper cutters, toilet paper cutters, and household paper cutters. Paper cutters, such as paper machines, are widely used in the paper-making printing industry. Cutter blade is divided into: flat blade, round blade, pointed blade, dotted blade, etc. Cutter blade is used in papermaking, printing and other industries. The sharpness and service life of the blade are closely related to the material. It depends on the blade processing technology, how many degrees of heating, when the instantaneous cooling to how many degrees, what kind of crystal formation, heat treatment hardness HRC58 ~ 60, what welding and so on a lot of technology and experience issues, this must Those who rely on the master technician to control will largely affect the efficiency of the paper cutter. We do not often say that it is the truth that sharpening a knife is not a mistake. A good blade will do more with less.
The paper cutter blades are divided by process material: steel cutting blades, insert steel cutting blades, high speed steel cutting blades, inlaid alloy cutting blades, etc.
There are many types of materials for cutter blades, depending on what purpose and purpose. The general steel cutter for cutting paper can be divided into ordinary steel cutters, alloy steel cutters, tungsten steel cutters, and manganese steel cutters. Tungsten steel knife can be divided into 1,6,12,18,24 grade, Cutter blade material will see there are many such alphanumerics, this is the material Oh: 9CrSi, Cr12Mov, W6Mo5CrV2, W18Cr4V, etc. Not much to explain.
The paper cutter blade specifications, this may be particular in the printing industry, such as angle blade edge angle of ° 19 ° ~ 23 °, taking into account the size of the paper cutting force, the angle of the grinding edge should be less than ∠ 19°~23°. Well, the blade specifications of the paper cutter are divided into: six open, four open, 920 paper cutter blades, split paper cutter blades, full-cut paper cutter blades, small full paper cutter blades, 1300 paper cutters Blades and so on, of course, there are other